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“The mining, civil engineering and construction sectors in Southern Africa, which were booming in the first half of 2012, have seen a slow down as a result of strike action, instability on the mines and political uncertainty.


“In spite of the current sluggish market, we at Doosan, are cautiously optimistic about a turnaround in the economy. We expect market conditions to improve and stabilise in the new year and we are gearing our business strategy and extending our range of construction and heavy earthmoving equipment to cope with more buoyant conditions in 2013.”


This is the view of Rod Watson, managing director, DISA Equipment (Pty) Limited, trading as Doosan, part of Invicta Holdings Limited.


Doosan, a global leading brand of heavy earthmoving equipment, which is manufactured in South Korea, encompasses heavy, wheel and mini excavators, articulated dump trucks (ADT’s), as well as wheel loaders and various attachments.


New Doosan Equipment is Launched in South Africa in 2012


New Doosan DX140LC hydraulic excavators, which were launched in South Africa at the beginning of the year, have been well received by the industrial and construction sectors. These 14 T machines offer faster working cycles for improved productivity, increased torque for easy movement of the excavator and energy efficiency for reduced fuel consumption.

 Another key feature of this new range is improved reliability. The use of robust, high performance materials and new methods of structural stress analysis have resulted in extended component life, thus reduced running costs. The re-design of ergonomics has improved all-round visibility for increased safety during operation and has also enhanced comfort for the operator, minimising fatigue.


These excavators have been designed for reduced maintenance requirements, which increases the availability of the equipment on site.


Orders have been placed for Doosan DX700LC hydraulic excavators, which will be used mainly in coal and platinum mass excavations and truck loading operations. These robust machines, which are powered by a 6-cylinder turbo-charge and water cooled engine, also have the benefits of e-POS technology – fuel economy, minimal pollution, higher digging forces and short cycle times.


These hydraulic excavators have a large, heavy-duty boom and arm for enhanced stability and strength and a durable bucket with reinforced side wear plates and a hardened cutting edge. The bucket and arm have breakout forces of 350 kN and 328 kN.


The DX700LC excavator is fitted with high strength chain which is designed for demanding applications and extended service life. This chain has a 26 cm link pitch, a 5,6 cm pin diameter and heavy duty running gear.


Easy access to all components, including the engine oil filter, radiators and grease inlets, enables quick maintenance procedures and prevents contamination to the surrounding environment.


New Equipment for 2013


Doosan DA30 and DA40 articulated dump trucks (ADT’s), which have been designed for safe and efficient operation in tough conditions, will be launched in South Africa next year.


These machines, with a higher load capacity than previous models, have been designed for enhanced productivity and improved driving stability. These new permanent six-wheel drive machines have new features for equal weight distribution and superior traction. These features include a front mounted turning ring, a sloping rear frame, a free swinging tandem bogie, and independent front wheel suspension. The rear tandem ensures tyres are in continuous contact with the ground for more stability and improved safety,


Doosan has branches in Johannesburg, Durban and Wolmaransstad and dealers in East London, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. The company has recently appointed a dealer in Middelburg to enhance its service and technical support in the Mpumalanga area.

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