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Doosan, a leading brand of heavy earthmoving equipment, has become a key player globally in plant hire, or on any mine, construction site and industrial plant.


The Doosan range, which is manufactured in South Korea, encompasses track, wheel and mini excavators, articulated dump trucks (ADT’s), as well as wheel loaders and various attachments.


“What keeps Doosan ahead in Southern Africa’s highly competitive earthmoving sector, is the company’s commitment to ongoing research and product development. This forms part of the company’s strategy to meet exact requirements in Africa’s harsh operating conditions,” says Rod Watson, managing director, DISA Equipment (Pty) Limited, trading as Doosan, part of Invicta Holdings Limited. “Doosan’s robust machines, which are designed to cope efficiently and safely in arduous environments, require minimal maintenance and offer extended service life.


“Reflecting back on 2013, where market conditions in mining, civil engineering and construction remained relatively flat, we have seen positive market reception locally of new Doosan machines.


“The successful launch this year of new ADT’s – DA30 and DA40 units and DL wheel loaders, will be supported in 2014 with the introduction of the DX220A excavator into the 20 ton class.


“In spite of the current sluggish market, we are cautiously optimistic about a turnaround in the economy in the new year. We hope market conditions will improve just before the election, which is why we will continue to extend our range of construction and heavy earthmoving equipment to cope with more buoyant conditions in 2014.


“If union issues are resolved, we will see an upturn in the mining sector and if the construction infrastructure development programme is accelerated, there should be a surge in civil engineering and construction.”


A highlight for Doosan this year was to participate at bauma Africa 2013 where the company showcased its diverse range of machines. Bauma was also the perfect forum for the introduction of new ADT’s – the DA30 and DA40 units.


The launch of these ADT’s enables Doosan to offer a complete solution for equipment required to excavate, load and transport all types of materials, in any conditions.


The new Doosan DA30 and DA40 ADT’s, which have been designed for safe and efficient operation in tough conditions, have a higher load capacity than previous models and offer enhanced power and performance, easier operation, increased fuel efficiency, greater driver comfort and faster travel speeds.


These new permanent six-wheel drive machines have new features for equal weight distribution, superior traction and fast and easy tipping, even in arduous conditions. These features include a front mounted turning ring, a sloping rear frame, a free swinging tandem bogie, and independent front wheel suspension. The rear tandem ensures tyres are in continuous contact with the ground for more stability and improved safety.


Doosan ADT’s have a powerful engine brake and hydraulic transmission retarder as standard. The wet disc brakes on all wheels offer sealed protection from the environment and ensure extended service life. Other standard features include an auto greasing system, an on board weighing system and a spare wheel.


The 5-cylinder Tier 2 diesel engine of the DA30 series offers a gross power output of 276 kW, which is an 8% increase in engine power compared with the previous MT31 series. The DA30 also has 30% more gross torque ( 1 873 Nm at 1 300 rpm) to produce the powerful rim pull required to efficiently cope in extreme hauling conditions.


In the DA40 series, the 6-cylinder Tier 2 diesel engine offers a gross power output of 368 kW, which is more powerful than previous units.


A new cab design provides more space and improved visibility for the operator, as well as reduced noise levels and a fully automatic climate control system. For easy operation, Doosan has introduced new electronic systems and simplified fingertip controls, with a digital display of all machine functions.


Easy access to all components, including the engine oil filter, radiators and grease inlets, enables quick maintenance procedures and prevents contamination to the surrounding environment.


Doosan has also recently launched a new range of robust wheel loaders. The DLA series, which is a new generation after the Mega series, has several improved design features for enhanced performance.


The new DLA wheel loader series, efficiently handles diverse materials handling applications, including the loading and transporting of granular materials and the handling of bulk loads in industrial, construction, mining and quarrying environments.


Doosan DL250A, DL300A and DL420A wheel loaders have new features for optimum efficiency, improved operator comfort and control, low maintenance requirements and greater durability.


These wheel loaders, with bucket capacities between 2,5 m³ and 4,5 m³, boast greater tipping load volumes than previous machines.


These machines are driven by Doosan Tier 2 engines, which are less sensitive to fuel quality than Tier 3 engines, yet still offer reduced fuel consumption and low emissions.


The reinforced width of the lift arm and tilt lever on the DL250A unit has been increased and the new dump height is 2 865 mm at the 50° maximum tilt range. All three machines in the series have higher static tipping loads at maximum reach with a straight frame DL250A       (11 000 kg), DL300A (14 800 kg) and DL420A (17 900 kg).


Quality improvements include a new hose which is installed in the air breather of ZF axles to prevent breather congestion problems. In previous models, dust and sand caused clogging of the air breather, resulted in elevated oil temperatures and damage to the seals on the axles. Other features of the ZF axles include a cylindrical planetary bearing, a new ring gear connection, brake discs with sinter and paper and an improved oil flow for the brakes.


O-ring faced seal pipes and hoses in the loader hydraulic systems have been combined with new materials and components for improved performance and reliability. Additional accumulators and a newly designed steering amplifier which replaces the EHPS valve, ensure smoother steering.


Air conditioner condensers of all three machines are now assembled with coolers for greater protection. Electric fans in previous models, that used to fail as a result of sand obstruction, have now been removed. For easy maintenance in DL250A units, the air conditioner condenser is accessed directly by lifting the grille and in the other machines, the air conditioner condenser is tilted back for effortless cleaning.


The standard ROPS/FOPS certified cab provides greater operator comfort and safety. The size of the cab has been increased, visibility is improved as a result of a wider front glass section and there is a new instrument panel and revised layout for controls and switches. With the installation of more air nozzles, air conditioning is highly effective.


These machines are protected by larger mud guards and new metal grilles and fenders, as well as a new roof cover. A more stable hand rail and step design improves safety for the operator.


Other recently launched machines include Doosan DX140LC and DX700LC hydraulic excavators which have been well received by the local market.


Doosan provides a technical advisory, maintenance and spare parts service throughout the country.



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